NNEP 2008/09 - Grant awards

Grantholder Institution Equipment info
Dr S Bhattacharyya Wits Low temperature microwave device:  (1) Cryogenic Micro-manipulated Probe station (Janis CCR10-2MW67-450K-VMF (2) Gigahertz Vector Network Analyzer VNA (Agilent PNA 8361C)
Dr T Govender UKZN - Westville Total solution for purification and charaterisation of peptides on nanoparticles - surface science equipment (Atomic force microscope and semi-prep HPLCs)
Professor E Iwuoha UWC Multi-channel Scanning Electrochemical Workstation
Prof T Moyo UKZN - Westville Bipolar supply for vibrating sample magnetometer
Dr RS Nematudi Ithemba LABS Physical Properties measurement system (PPMS
Professor V Pillay Wits Nano Tensile 5000 
Professor K Pruessner Wits Electrochemical test system including gas workstation for research on materials for Li-on batteries
Professor HC Swart UFS Nano Scanning Auger Microprobe (NanoSAM)