Mobility Grant awards 2011/12

No. Grantholder Institution Research Equipment to be accessed
1 Prof S Singh DUT Roche NimbleGen Micro-array
 2 Dr  Bornman SAEON  SeaBird SBE 19Plus V2 CTD with SBE55 Ecosampler: SeaBird SBE 16 moored CTD system
 3 Prof M Manley SUN  Transmission based near infrared chemical imaging system used to measure the proportions of floury and opaque endosperm within maize kernel
 4 Prof F Dejene UFS  Pulse Laser Deposition System (PLD)
 5 Dr M Rademeyer UP   MPMS Quantum Design SQUID magnetometer
 6 Dr A Hassen UP   Open circuit methane measurement chamber system (fitted with ADC MGA 3000 multi gas analyzer)
 7 Dr T  Govender UKZN   Advanced 1D/2D and advanced NMR methods
 8 Dr C Pineda-Vargas iThemba Labs   Electronic characterisation laboratory, JEOL 2100F TEM including FIB and clean room ocating deposition systems trainin
 9 Dr A Anandraj MUT  DUAL-PAM 100 measuring system
 10 Dr M Mhlanga CSIR   Andor Zeiss Confocal-TIRF microscope & Nikon super resolution microscopes
 11 Dr P Ajibade UFH  Bruker D8 Advanced Powder X-ray Diffractometer
 12 Dr P Govender UKZN  Training support on Planer Lipid Bilayer Workstation
 13 Dr N Makunga SUN  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer (500 MHz) equipped with a cryoprobe.
 14 Prof A Prinsloo UJ   Wombat Instrument
 15  Dr A Patterson SAIAB  SeaBird SBE 19 plus V2 CTD, SBE55 Ecosampler and SBE16 moored CTD system
 16 Prof L Petrik UWC   Training on operation of the Autosorb iQ
 17 Dr P Govender  UKZN  Training on Planer Lipid Bilayer Workstation (Warner Instruments USA)
 18 Prof M Chithambo RU   Visit to the Luminescence Research Laboratory to study optically stimulated luminescence (OSL)
 19  Dr P Govender  UKZN  Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument (BIAcoreX) at Rhodes University
 20  Dr CA Engelbrecht UJ  1. University of the Free State (Boyden 1.5 m telescope with CCD Camera) 2. SA Astronomical Observatory (0.5 m telescope and Modular Photometer) 3. Tubitak National Observatory Turkey (T100 Telescope with SI1100 CCD Camera)
 21  Conlong, Dr DE  SASRI  Tissue lyser II Thermocycler PCR System 9700
 22  Prof C Oliphant  NMISA  Hot-wire chemical vapour deposition (HWCVD) chamber for the synthesis of silicon nitride and nc-Si:H films and ERD analysis techniques
 23  Dr Oluwatobi and Oluwafemi  WSU  JEOL 2100 TEM operating at 200 KV
 24  Dr Oluwatobi and Oluwafemi  WSU  JEOL 2100 TEM operating at 200 KV
 25 Dr M Onani UWC   X-Ray diffractometer
 26  Dr A Shonhai UNIZULU   FACS machine, MALI-TOF mass spectrometer, transmission electron microscope, real time PCR machine and microplate reader with chemiluniscence and fluorescence capabilities.
27  Dr R Harris Mintek   Training and working on the electron beam-physical vapour deposition (EB-VPD)
28 Dr J Pillay Mintek   DEK 248 Screen Printer
 29 Prof G Bradley  UFH  Agilent 1200 Nanoflow HPLC, 4000 QTRAP Hybrid triple quadrupole MS and 3200 QTRAP Hybrid triple quadrupole MS
 30 Dr AM  Venter  NECSA Wombat Instrument
 31 Prof RG Tzoneva  CPUT  Training for Multi-rack Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) as part of the Substation Automation and Energy Management System (SAEMS) Centre.
 32 Prof F Sciammarella CSIR  Optomec Inc Training
 33 Prof BO Odhav DUT  transmission electron microscope (TEM), Raman Spectrometer, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) and Nanoparticle size analyzer
 33 Prof AN Przybylowics  iThemba Labs  ID21 Beamline
 34  Przybylowics, Prof AN   iThemba Labs  ID21 Beamline
 35  Venter, Ntsoane  NECSA Powder Diffraction Beamline (Materials characterisation by X-ray diffraction, MCX) 
 36 Roychoudhury   SUN Molecular Enviromental Science (MES) Beamline 11.0.2 
 37 Roychoudhury   SUN Trace Metal CTD oceanographic equipment training 
 38 Prof JT Agee  TUT  Access the single link flexible joint robot manipulator
 39  Prof BT Sewell UCT   FEI Titan Krios Electron microscope 300kV field emission cryo-TEM with Koehler illumination and high resolution CCD camera
 40 Prof HJ Zar  UCT   Training on forced oscillator technique (FOT)
 41  Prof SH Connell UJ  ID01 Beamline 
 42  Dr BP Doyle  UJ MDS (Metastable de-excitation Spectroscopy) and UPS (Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy) 
 43 Prof GR Hearne   UJ X-ray Magnetic Circular Dishroism (XMCD) at ODE beamline 
 44 Ms BM Cumming  UKZN   Seahorse  Extracellular Flux analyser XF96 Training
 45 Dr KE Theron and Van Rensberg  UL   illumina HiSeq 2000, Roche/454 GS FLX, ABI SOLiD DNA sequencing platforms
46  Dr RE Kroon   UFS Superlumi beamline 
 47 Prof HC Swart   UFS Training on Nicolet Continuum FTIR microscope and FT-Raman 
 48 Prof WD Schubert  UWC   Beamlines: ID14-1, ID23-1,ID23-2, ID29 and BM30A
 49  Dr PJ Franklyn Wits  Access JEOL 3011 High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope 
 50 Prof C Polese  Wits   XRD
 51 Prof OM Ndwandwe  UNIZULU   Access SRD, nuclear microprobe and an AFM