NNEP 2005/06 Grant awards

Grantholder's name Institution Equipment information
Dr S Chikwembani WSU Atomic Force Microscope (replacement with particular options only)
Prof N Coville WITS AFM 
FB Dejene UOVS (QwaQwa) Wet-station for completion of sol-gel set up Dynamic light scattering (DLS)
Mr WG Augustyn (changed to T Haveling) TUT Surface Area and Pore Analyser + Chemisorption Raman Microscope 
Dr T Hillie CSIR Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFM/STM)
Prof E Iwuoha UWC Bruker optics spectrometer
Prof A Lewis UCT Zetasizer
Dr E Meyer UFH Spectral response/ Quantum efficiency/ IPCE system
Dr R Nemutudi ITHEMBA LABS Atomic Force Microscope
Prof N Revaprasadu UZ FTIR Spectrophotometer Powder X-ray diffractometer TGA/DSC UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
Dr A Douglas (changed to R Suss) MINTEK Nanosys-U,E-beam evaporator Tumbling system