NEP 2009/10 Grant awards

Grantholder Institution Equipment Info
Dr C Baker &Mpahlele UL(Medunsa) Zeiss Supra 55VP FE-SEM
Professor L Barbour SUN Single-Crystal Diffractometer
Professor P Berjak UKZN - Westville Sub-ambient Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
Professor K Bisetty DUT Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)
Professor GL Blatch RU Flow Cytometer Equipped with UV laser and Cell Sorting Capabilities (FACS/UV)
Professor SG Burton CPUT Liquid Chromatograph Spectrometer
Professor M & S du Plessis & Sinhla UP Millimeter-wave vector network analyser (70 Khz-110 GHz)
Dr DM Lang UCT 2-Photon laser module (Titanium-Sapphi re pulsed infrared laser): Newport-Spectra Physics "mai Tai DeepSee" OR Coherent "Chameleon Ultra"
Professor AE McKechnie UP Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer
Dr L McKinnell HMO 20 LEMI -417 Magnetotelluric (MT) Stations  4 Novatel GSV4004B GPS lonospheric Scintillation and Total Electron Content Monitor 1 hf lonospheric Doppler System
Professor JP Michael Wits 1) New 500 MHz Dual CHANNEL MNR Spectrometer with CP/MAS capability. 2) Electronics console replacement for a Bruker Digital Avance Triple Channel NMR Spectrometer
Professor V Pillay Wits Vevo 2100® Micro Imaging Platform enhanced with the Cellvizio Lab module
Dr B Richoux RU Agilent GCQQQ (GC-MS)
Professor WD Schubert UWC X-ray Generator and CCD-Detection System for macromolecular Crystallography
Professor JC Sealy UCT Stable light isotope mass spectrometer
Professor TS Seifert SUN  Industrial Computer Tomograph (Micro CT)
Professor AM Strydom UJ X-ray Single-crystal orientation Facility
Professor PD van Helden SUN LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD
Professor RR Van Zyl CPUT Prototyping and test equipment used in the development of satellite systems
Professor AM Venter NECSA Micro-focus X-ray Radiography/Tomography system