Mobility Grant awards 2012/13

Research Equipment to be accessed
1 Dr LJ Atkinson  SAEON SkiMonkey III Deepwater high definition photography camera system 
2  Prof I Pikirayi UP Hosting a workshop on thin section preparation, microsccopy, analysing images and results, XRF analysis and interpretation 
3  Prof M Ntwaeborwa UFS TL/OSL-DA-20 Luminescence system
4  Dr TC Nangammbi Univen Accessing the Illumina Hiseq2000 Platform
5  Prof C Polese UWC MCX Beamline
6  Dr M Vaccari UWC Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory (OACN)-VST Data reduction centre
7  Prof ML Chithambo RU RISO TL-DA-15 Luminescence
8  Mr FC De Beer  NECSA Korean HANARO research reactor
9  Dr A Venter  NECSA ECHIDNA and TAIPAN neutron scattering instruments
10 Prof OM Ndwandwe UNIZULU Van De Graaf Accelerator
11 Prof Jr Zeevaart  NECSA 18 Mev Cyclotron 
12  Dr E Snyders NECSA FEI Quanta 200 3D Scanning Electron Microscope and X-ray microanalysis system (EDS)
13 Dr LD Kock NECSA Raman, XRD, IR and Hot cells
14  Dr L Wu CSIR Bruker 80V FTIR/Raman system
15  Prof JT Agee TUT The flexible-link manipulator and the dSPACE real-time prototyping equipment
16  Prof IC Wakindiki UFH Access and gain experience on the "R" Project rainfall simulator
17 Prof N Illing UCT Access a High Performance DNA assembly and analysis server
18  Prof F Brombacher IIDMM Cape Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE)
19  Dr J Jordaan CSIR Lateral flow immunoassay workshop
20  Prof A Viljoen SUN Accessing the High Performance computing for bioinformatics illumine sequencing
21  Dr S Naidoo UKZN Agilent LC-QTOF mass spetrometer and a GC triple quad
22  Dr T Robinson SUN Agilent GVQQQ GC/MS
23  Dr B Loos SUN Hosting workshop on Zeiss 780 ELYRA system, Super-Resolution Structured illumination microscopy (SR-SIM)
24  Dr AM Venter NECSA MCX beamline powder diffraction
25  Prof MC Claeys UCT MAX-lab: Synchrotron Beamline l811 for X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
26 Prof SH Connell UJ ATLAS Detector visiting scientist
27 Prof AM Strydom UJ D10 Spectrometer
29 Prof LR Berger Wits Propagation phase contrast x-ray synchrotron microtomography
30 Prof C Polese Wits Diffractometer