NEP 2007/08 Grant awards

Grantholder Institution Equipment info
Professor PB Arbuthnot WITS Fuji Bio-Imaging System
Professor J Albertyn UOVS ABI PRISM 313OXL-16 Capillary Genetic Analyser
Dr Ra Bark ITHEMBA LABS Digital Pulse Processing Data Acquisition System
Dr J Botha-Brink NATIONAL MUSEUM Accutom-50
Dr R Bucher ITHEMBA LABS Multi purpose X-ray diffractometer
Professor N Cingo (changed to Cele) TUT X-ray Diffraction Spectrometer
Professor SP Songca (changed to Debiela) UL Varian FTS7000 Research IR & Microimaging System
Professor IA Dubery UJ Waters UPLC-QTOF
Dr E Elliott UKZN - Pietermaritzburg RP inverted microscope
Dr A Els-Botes NMMU FSW peripheral equipment
Dr T Govender UKZN - Westville Total Protein/peptide solution
Dr L Herselman UOVS Gel-Scan 3000 plus Dyad PCR-machine
Professor GE Jackson UCT 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
Professor A Kotze NZG ABI 3130XL DNA Genetic AnalyserRT-PCR
Professor Ap Le Roex UCT LA-ICP-MS
Professor SA Madhi WITS Luminex 200 Instrument
Professor CE Medlen (changed to Cromarty) UP Tempo MDLC Nano Flow LC system
Professor D Meyer UP Multilaser flow cytometer
Professor OQ Munro UKZN - Pietermaritzburg X-Band ESR Spectrometer
Professor KH Myburgh SUN FACSAria Flow Cytometer
Professor Jh Neethling NMMU CSM Nano Hardness Tester with AFM
Professor DJG Rees UWC Illumina/Solexa 1G Genome Analyser and Illumina BeadXpress
Professor S Singh DUT HPLC with ELSD and Fermentor/Bioreactor - Multifors System
Professor EDS Sturrock UCT Isothermal Titration Calorimeter
Professor AM Strydom UJ SQUID Magnetometer (MPMS)
Professor PD Van Helden SUN DNA Sequencer, real-time PCR instrumentation
Professor M Vivier SUN GC-TOF-MS
Dr SM Woodbourne CSIR FINNIGAN Delta V Plus Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
Professor Jr Zeevaart NECSA R&D Remote synthesiser
Professor P Zilla UCT DSA, C-arm (x-ray and Angiography machine)