Grant Awards for the Expansion of the National Equipment Programme - 2010

Surname Title Initials Institution Equipment 
Baker Dr C UL High Pressure Freezer
Baker Prof PGL UWC High Resolution Raman Spectrometer
Bessong Dr PO UniVen Sorvall WX80 Ultracentriguge
Bux Prof F DUT Thermo Scientific Gallery Water Analyzer, START D Microwave Digestion System, Oxitop® Biological Oxygen Demand
Deenadayalu Prof N DUT Anton Paar DSA 5000M
Genin Dr F UFH Sonotrack System  Metris B.V
Jordaan Prof GD CUT Modular automated assembly and component transfer systems
Mendonidis Prof P VUT X-Ray diffraction (XRD)
Ndwandwe Prof M UZulu Multi-Beam Optical sensor
Oyedeji Prof AO WSU Preparative Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer (Prep GC-GC/MS)
Pugh Dr DJR UWC FPLC protein purification platform
Shonhai Dr A UZulu Ultra low (-80 degrees) Freezer
Singh Prof S DUT AKTA purifier 100 multi-purpose chromotography system
Sipamla Prof AM VUT Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR)
Sivakumar Prof D TUT Gas Chromatograph
Songca Prof SP WSU Preparative High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (PHPLC)
Viljoen Prof A TUT Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography
Surname Title Initials Institution Equipment 
Carlson Dr KJ Wits Nikon Metrology XTH 320 LC microfocus computed tomography Scanner
Knutsen Prof RD UCT Thermo-mechanical Simulator for metals processing Gleeble 3800
Swart Prof HC UFS TRIFT V nanoTOF
Venter Dr AM NECSA Neutron Radiography/Tomography Facility