Mobility Funding Decisions 2010/11

No. Grantholder Institution Research Equipment to be accessed
1 Prof L  Barbour SUN X-Ray diffractometer
2 Prof R Bharuthram UWC Training by Prof R Vanfleet and short-term appointment of Prof D Knoesen from Brigham Young University (USA)
3 Dr D Cromarty UP Training on Mass Spectrometric tissue imaging and protein profling
4 Mrs P Maartens UKZN Workshop on sample preparation for AFM, FEG-SEM and TEM observation
5 Prof R Laubscher UJ Synchrotron Diffraction Beamline BESSY II 7T-MPW- Energy Dispersive Diffractometer (EDDI)
6 Prof H Swart UFS Advance training of Nano Scanning Auger Microprobe (NanoSAM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscope/Electron epectroscopy for chemical analysis (XPS/ESCA)
7 Dr T Govender UKZN Access Surface Plasmon Resonance instument
8 Prof G Hearne UJ X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dischroism (XMCD) experiments
9 Prof M Ndwandwe Uzulu X-Ray diffractometer
10 Dr K Ozoemena CSIR Workshop on electrochemical scanning probe microscope (EC-SPM)
11 Dr T Sewell UCT  
12 Oluwafemi, Dr Oluwatobi WSU Training on novel nanotechnology techniques
13 Prof MA Vivier SUN Training on Agilent GC-MS
14 Dr M Topic iThemba Labs Beamline X13B
15 Dr G Hearne UJ X-ray magnetic circular dichrosim (XMCD) experiments 
16 Prof BT Sewell UCT PROXIMA Beamline
17 Prof BT Sewell UCT BM14 Beamline (X-ray diffraction )
18 Dr E Carleschi UJ ID12 Beamline: X-ray magnetic circular and linear  dichroism (XMCD) experiments
19 Dr BP Doyle UJ CASSIOPEE-B-ARPES Beamline
20 Prof WD Schubert UWC PROXIMA Beamline