Grantholder Institution Project Title Project Focus
Dr E Coetsee UFS Solar Cell efficiency enhancement by Nanophosphor application Solar cell
Prof FB Dejene UFS Nanotechnology for sustainable energy in white light emitting applications Sustainable energy
Dr MM Diale UP Nanomolecular electronics for low cost solar cells Nanomolecular electronics
Dr SH Durbach WITS Manipulation of carbon nanomaterials to create novel photocatalysts for energy generation Carbon nanomaterials
Ely WITS Engineered transcription activator-like effectors  Health
Maree SU Targeting,imaging and treating prostate cancer with an engineered filamentous plant virus   Health
Mhlanga UJ Energy efficient nanofiltration water purification technologies for rural communities in SA   Health, Water
Olubambi TUT Synthesis of smart nanocomposites for high temperature applications  Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Energy, Mining and Minerals
Blumenthal UCT Solar Fuel - Sustainable and Renewable Production of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Gas  Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Energy
Dhlamini UNISA Nanophosphors and Biological Imaging and Sensing Technologies  Energy, Health