NEP 2015/16 Grant awards

No. Grantholder Institution Equipment 
1 Professor Claeys MC UCT X-ray diffractometer for in-situ applications
2 Professor Cockeran  R UP Suspension Bead Array
3  Dr Conlong D South African Sugarcane Research Institute Gammacell self shielding irradiator
4 Professor Du Preez WB CUT High Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace for Titanium Alloys
5  Dr Els-Botes A CSIR - NLC Xstress Robot System
6 Professor Govender T UKZN Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
7 Professor Harrison STL UCT Integrated Bioreactor System
8 Professor Iwuoha EI UWC Smart SAXSPACE Nanometrological Workstation
9 Professor Jones PM iThemba  Facility for Low Spin Structure Studies of Exotic States and Nuclei
10 Professor Kidson SH UCT Electrophysiology and multi-photon imaging platform,  development from : Core module: light microscope, anti-vibration table, camera. Electrophysiology module: amplifier, A2D board, manipulators. Multi-photon module: components for TIMAHC multi-photon system
11 Professor Louw QA SU Optical motion capture system
Instrumented treadmill
Cardiopulmonary system
Brainvision EEG
Desktop DTS
12 Professor Maharaj VJ UP Hyphenated HPLC - MS- Solid Phase Extraction - 500 MHz Nuclear Magnetic resonance cryoprobe
13 Professor Matthee CA SU Capillary Sequencer
14 Professor Nel JT NECSA TEK-15 RF Plasma spheroidization and alloying system
15 Dr Njobeh PB UJ Pegasus HRT – High Resolution GC-TOFMS
16 Professor Pillay V Wits BioTester 5000: Biaxial Test System for biomechanical
strength analysis
17 Dr Potter SB SAAO RoboPol: an optical imaging polarimeter
18 Professor Pretorius R UP Confocal Microscope systems with super-resolution capabilities
19 Dr Pryzbylowicz WJ iThemba  Heavy-ion source for 3 MV tandetron accelerator
20 Professor Sholtz MM ARC (Animal Production Institute) GrowSafe Feed Intake and GrowSafe Beef systems
21 Professor Stander T UP On-chip millimeter-wave spectrum analysis system
22 Professor Swart PB SU Waters Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatograph (UPC2) connected to a Waters Xevo TQ-S MS
23 Professor Weiss SFT Wits Zeiss Airyscan: imaging system