NEP 2005/06 Grant awards

Grantholder Institution Equipment Info
Professor Vilakazi) ITHEMBA LABS 14GHz electron cyclotron resonance ion source
Professor DK Berger UP Automated microarray hybridization station. Light cycler 480 real time PCR
Professor JD Comins (changed to Prof M Witcomb) WITS Focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM)
Dr C Woolard (changed to E Ferg) NMMU High resolution thermogravimetric analyser with mass spectrometry detector
Professor P Kaye RU 600 MHz Magnetic Nuclear Spectrometer with protein capabilities
DR J LIMSON RU Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation:multi chanel E4 System
Professor Cromarty (ex Medlen) UP Thermo-LTG linear ion trap lc-ms-ms system
Professor JC Swart UOVS  METLER-Toledo thermal analyses system
Prof FR van Heerden UKZN - Pietermaritzburg LC-TOF MS
DR AM Venter NECSA Bruker D8 discover with GADDS
Dr AM Viljoen TUT Gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometer (GC/MS)