Mobility Grant awards 2009/10

No. Grantholder Institution Research Equipment to be accessed
1 Dr CA Engelbrecht UJ 1.0 m and 0.75 m telescopes with CCD cameras
2  Dr J Mesjasz-Przybylowicz iThemba Labs SAMBA beamline, EXAFS and XANES techniques
3  Prof M Lee NMMU Research buidling design and visit to high resolution transmissin micrscopes (HRTEM) facilities
4 Dr Z Lombard NHLS & UW Training for design and analysis of genetic-based assocation studies. Equpiment: Illumina BeadXpress genoyping platform
5 Dr D Pugh UWC 900 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
6 Prof J Sharpey-schafer iThemba Labs & UWC JUROGAM gamma-ray spectrometer
7 Dr F de Moor Albany Museum Study the collection of African Trichoptera 
8  Dr E Carleschi UJ APE beamline & Angle Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARPES)
9  Prof B Julies UWC Transmission Electron Micrscope (TEM) Workshop
10 Mr T Nyawo UZ Time resolved optical stimulation (TR-OSL) and positron annihilation
11  Dr O Nemraoui UZ X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and the Rutherford Backscattering (RBS) beamline
12 Mr A Tshibalo Unisa Access geothermal energy system of the OIT campus, Klamath Falls City's geothermal energy system. 
13  Mr D Dube UJ Beamline ID19
14  Prof BT Sewell UCT BM14 Beamline (X-ray diffraction )
15  Mr WN Sibanda UW United States Particle Accelerator School (USPAS)
16 Ms J Frederick UCT MX Beamline
17 Dr M Topic iThemba LABS DIFFABS Beamline
18 Prof DG Hattingh NMMU ID15A Beamline
19  Dr M Topic iThemba Labs Beamline X13B