NNEP 2006/07 Grant awards

Grantholder's name Institution Equipment information
Prof TD Britton UCT 532 Benchtop Raman system with microscope attachement
Prof N Cingo (changed to L M Cele) TUT Thermo-Gravinmetric Anallyser Mass-Spectrometer-System
Prof E Iwuoha UWC Agilent technologies, two-dimensional HPLC system
Prof D Knoesen UWC Technai G2 F20 S-Twin MAT. High resolution transmission electron microscope
Mr MK Moodley CSIR Jobin Yvon Nanolog
Prof T Nyokong RU Atomic Force Microscope with electrochemical capabilities
Prof V Pillay WITS Zetasizer Nano ZS
Dr E van der Lingen MINTEK Helix Detector, Gaseous Analytical Detector, Electron Backscatter Diffraction Detector
Prof MJ Witcomb WITS Transmission Electron Microscope