NEP 2014/15 Grant awards

No. Grantholder Institution Equipment information
1 Prof Altermann W UP SELFRAG Lab (Selective Fragmentation System)
2 Prof Bux F DUT Mass spectrometer (upgrade)
3 Prof Connell SH UJ Micro-Megas detector (ATLAS lab prototype), Scalable Readout System, Modular Electronics, Gas Handling System
4 Prof de Koning CB WITS GC x GS-LR-MS (with Flame ionization & MS detectors)
5 Prof de Villiers AJ SU GC×GC-HRT-MS
6 Prof Deglon DA UCT Particle Image Analyser (PIA)
7 Dr Doyle BP UJ Cryogen-free ARPES and High-Resolution XPS Apparatus
8 Dr Elburg MA UJ Multi-Collector ICP-MS Laser Ablation System
9 Prof Els PS UP Wheel Force Transducer
10 Dr Jordaan JHL NWU Upgrade to GC-MS and FTIR; SS + R furnace; Simultaneous Thermal Analyser (TG-DSC/DTA Apparatus)
11 Dr Kock LD NECSA Micro-Raman spectroscopy instrument with laser excitation
12 Dr Lang DM UCT Elyra Super-resolution Microscope, Confocal Microscope
13 Assoc Prof Lecour SC UCT Digital Imaging System
14 Dr Mantel SK RU Eddy-covariance systems, Scintillometer and Evapo-Transpiration system
15 Prof Marx S NWU Continuous liquefaction reactor pilot plant; Continuous hydrotreating reactor system
16 Dr McKinnell LA SANSA South African National geophysical Data and Instrumentation Management System (SANDIMS)
17 Prof Meyer EL UFH Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) + confocal microscope for Raman spectroscopy
18 Dr Muchadeyi FC ARC DNA Optical Mapping System
19 Prof Nindi MM UNISA High Resolution GC-TOF-MS
20 Prof Ojumu TV CPUT Supercritical Fluid Extraction System
21 Prof Pepper MS UP Single Cell Autoprep system, PCR System, Array System
22 Prof Pillay V WITS 3D-Bioplotter System
23 Prof Rees DJG ARC Automated Phenotyping Scanalyser
24 Prof Roychoudhury AM SU ICP-Mass Spectrometer
25 Prof Sadiku ER TUT Laser flash apparatus/pyrometer – LFA 427
26 Prof Tiemessen CT WITS Flow Cytometer
27 Prof Tshentu ZR NMMU Calorimeter
28 Prof Viljoen AM TUT Auto Purification System: Chromatograph
29 Prof Msagati T UNISA MALDI - QTOF MS
30 Prof Mnkeni PNS UFH Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur Determinator
31 Prof Stenstrom TA DUT Flow Cytometer, Microplate Detection Platform
32 Prof van de Venter M NMMU 4-Laser/10 Colour flow cytometer, Laser Scanning Image Cytometer, Hamilton STARlet pipetting system