Equipment-related Mobility and Training Grants - 2013/14: Call for Applications

The rationale for the Equipment-related Mobility and Training grants, is to make available funds to support the larger science community to access state-of-the-art equipment that is not available at their own research institution, region or nationally. 

The grants are divided into two portfolios of opportunities; Equipment-related Travel Grants; and Equipment-related Training Grants.

The Equipment-related Travel Grants are sub-divided into two categories, namely:

  • General Equipment Travel and Training Grants, which makes funds available to researchers requiring access to specialised equipment that is not available regionally or nationally. The grant will cover national or international travel and subsistence as required; and
  • Synchrotron Travel Grants, which makes funds available to researchers requiring access to a synchrotron radiation facility.  The applicant must provide evidence that he/she was successful in his/her application to utilise a beam line(s) at a synchrotron radiation facility. 

The Equipment-related Training Grants makes funds available to support workshops focussed on training technical staff, postgraduate students and other users of specialised and state-of-the-art equipment that were acquired either through NEP and NNEP grant awards.  This will include practical training and short courses on the use of specialised research equipment. 

Application Deadlines:

Refer to the Strategic Framework: Research Equipment Related Travel and Training Grants for eligibility and other criteria.

Applications should be submitted electronically on the NRF Online Submission System at

For more information please click here to download the attached documents or visit the NRF website at

The Call for applications will be open on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 - 26 July 2013.

DA’s have 5 working days after the advertised closing date, to validate applications.  Please note that there will be no further extension.

NRF Contacts for Enquiries

Mrs Vireshni Moonsamy
Liaison Officer
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Mr Simon Lotz
Grants Officer
Telephone: (012) 481-4125

Grants Management and Systems Administration (GMSA)
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