Multi-Functional Advanced Optical Characterisation Facility for Materials/Nano-Systems

This multi-functional platform which would be the first of its kind nationwide is unique and exclusive in terms of integration and versatility. It consists of the following complementary components:

(i) UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy unit (200-300nm, T and R modes + Heating stage)

(ii) Integrating sphere unit (200-400nm)

(iii) Ellipsometry unit (300-1000nm + software)

(iv) Optical-reflectometry unit (250-1050nm) for thin films thickness measurements (10nm-100nm)

(v) LIBS unit (190-800nm,Res.˂0.1 nm)

(vi) Fluorescence unit (200-295nm, Xe lamp)


Title: Prof
First Name: Malek
Last Name: Maaza
Phone: +27 78-274-8584

Contact Person/s

Name: Prof Malek Maaza
Mobile: +27 78-274-8584