iXRD Portable Residual Stress Analysis System

The iXRD is portable residual stress analysis instrumentation that is light weight, and a compact field proven performer. It is built with a high voltage generator, self-contained recirculating high efficiency liquid to air heat exchanger and the necessary electronics to run the goniometer and field stand. The equipment includes, Goniometer, MG40P fully computerised axis with 40mm Ro, Oscillation Range 0 to plus minus 80 degree, Tilt Range -56 t0 +56 degree and Omega and Psi geometry.

Contact Person/s

Name: Prof Daniel G Hattingh
Phone: +27 41-504-3608
Email: Danie.Hattingh@nmmu.ac.za


Title: Prof
First Name: Daniel Gerhardus
Last Name: Hattingh
Phone: +27 41-504-3608
Email: danie.hattingh@nmmu.ac.za
iXRD Portable Residual Stress Analysis System